A Day in Antigua

By: Autumn Miklas

Our day started bright and early when the sun streamed through the windows revealing the tin Guatelmalan rooftops. Shortly after breakfast and a team meeting we embarked to Antigua. The ride to Antigua was an experience all in itself as our bus driver navigated our team in the bus through the narrow and winding streets that paved the way to our first destination, a picturesque view of the city and surrounding mountains. Cera de la Cruz view was beautiful and allowed us a small glimpse of Antigua.   


We climbed aboard the bus again in search of a coffee plantation.  When we arrived at the plantation we were led through a laid-back tour that revealed the steps of the bean-to-cup process that coffee goes through. We plucked coffee cherries from their plants and popped them into our mouths to reveal a sweet crunchy nibble. The coffee beans were spread across the ground in the dyring step of the process, which they allowed us to trample across and throw into the air (hopefully not disturbing the ending quality of the bean đŸ™‚ At the conclusion of the tour we tasted the freshly brewed coffee and purchased some true Guatemalan beans to sip back in America. The coffee was smooth and rich and satisfed the baristas and coffee lovers of the class.




Lunch, was next on the agenda. The team split up to enjoy the either American choice food-McDonalds or the Guatemalan choice food- Tacool! No need to go into much further detail on McDonalds other than that it was the nicest McDonalds that the team had ever stepped in to. Tacool on the other hand is a Guatemalan chain taco restaurant. The service was quick, and we received our array of 18 tacos to consume between five of us girls. The flavorful tacos burst with flavor and juices as the we bit in to them.

The culture of Guatemala we all fully embraced as we navigated through the narrow aisles of the market, bartering for the best prices. Timothy and Lori, Clubhouse staff, assisted us through the tricks of successful bartering. The colorful patterns of Guatemalan fabrics and souveneirs caught our attention as we spent our precious quetzals. 

The team dinner was enjoyed at Las Palmas where a candlelit three course meal was served to us. The rooftop allowed us yet another oppurtunity to capture some amazing photos of the scenery inlcuding the a full view of the volcano. 

The cobble stoned streets of Antigue left us all with an ache in our feet by the end of the day, but it was well worth it. Every step brought new sights and vibrant walls. We tasted the food, viewed the sights, felt the sun, and are now off to sleep with anticpation of tomorrows events!

Oh, and wait! One more thing, don’t forget to check out http://www.clubhouseg.com to see additional pictures and information regarding our team posted by the Clubhouse Staff!

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