Sembradores de Vida

If you would have told me that within the first 36 hours of our trip to Guatemala, we would face one of the most life-challenging experiences, I would have been skeptical, at best… but it happened. To put into the words the beauty of the fellowship of believers living by the Spirit, the breath-taking glimpse of Heaven in hearing the singing of the saints without inhibition and the graciousness of people living in abject poverty – I don’t think this blog will suffice.

We had the amazing privilege of worshiping with our brothers and sisters at Sembradores de Vida (Planters of Life) in Guatemala City.  This church, led by Pastor Fernando, represents the best of what a church should be.  These brethren are literally transforming the neighborhood blanketed by darkness into pockets of Jesus’ light through regular personal relationship-building, DSC_0141 (2)supplying food to meet physical needs and giving the hope of the Gospel.

After a wonderful morning service of worship and preaching the Word, we met with the Guatemalan staff for lunch.  Joining us was an American team from Virginia, who were en route to their week of service with Clubhouse at Camp Calvary.  It was a fun time together as we learned from their team members who were making their fifth trip to Guatemala with Clubhouse.

After lunch, we met with one of our translators for the week – Sandra.  Sandra and a couple of the Guatemalan staff led us to homes of locals in the neighborhood with whom they had just made contact.  Our objective was to bring some packets of rice and soup to families in need.  Earlier I mentioned abject poverty.  This is the reality for many here in Guatemala.  We met one woman, Marta, who was living under a tin roof with her family.  Two of her walls were heavy blankets and their floor was dirt.  The food was well-received and we prayed for some of the prayer requests that she shared with us.  This was the first touch by Sembradores with Marta.  Now, our prayer is that as more relationship building and meeting of needs occurs, she and her family will begin to pursue Christ in an eternal way.  She was one of many houses visited by our team today.

The testimonies of the class during our time of worship and prep for tomorrow was extremely thoughtful and encouraging.  They were listening to the Lord, were obedient in stepping WAY outside of our comfort zones and are learning much.  I believe today that God was a planter of life in the hearts of our seniors.  I can’t wait to see what Monday brings!

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