Hola de Costa Rica!

Hola de Costa Rica! That means “Hello from Costa Rica!” I would love to write this whole letter to you in Spanish but first of all I cannot speak that much spanish, and second, you would not enjoy this letter because you would not understand it! Anyways, I hope things are going well back in Miss Mickel’s class. I know you are all excited for summer but continue to do your homework and don’t drive Miss Mickel too crazy, alright?!? Here are a few of my favorite/crazy things that have happened on the trip so far. 1. Spent my first night in the airport. 2. Got to eat seaweed soup for the first time (It was pretty good!) 3. Bartered in spanish and bought myself a $20 costa rican hammock 4. Hiked down to and swam in a waterfall next to a volcano. 5. Soaked in a natural hot springs that had 6 different pools. Those are a few of the highlights for me so far. Its only day 2. Tomorrow the plan is to go ziplining through a jungle canopy with 13 different ziplines, the longest being a forth of a mile long. The weather here is beautiful and it rains randomly, but it makes everything an adventure. Its been a busy two days and everyone is having so much fun, and it helps us to sleep soundly at night. One more thing before I say Adios; everyone down here in Costa Rica uses a saying. They say “Pura Vida”! It means pure life! So everyone repeat it, “Pura Vida”! Its kind of positive encouragment to say to one another. Alright, Adios and Buenos Noches!

Love your class senior,
Kate Albers

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