Greetings from Costa Rica.

The past few days have been pretty sweet. All of our air traveling went off without a hitch and we arived in one piece. After getting a good nights rest from the previous days activities we woke up bright and early to go zip lining. When we arived to Ecoglide (ziplinging place) we were acqeaninted with our guides who quickly strapped us into our harnesses. After a very brief instructional speech we did a short practice line. When we were all finished there we pilled into a truck and headed up the mountain. Ziplining was a blast. Flying on the lines you could see miles around. By far the biggest adrenaline rush was the tarzan swing. After being strapped into the lines and jammed up aggainst the gate, the gate was released, you were told to sit and off you went. Describing this experience into words will not do it any justice. Later in the day we headed to a shop and a ox cart facotory. We were being given a tour of how the facotry origonated and functioned but due to the heavy rain we could barly hear our guide. After roaming the shop for a while we made our way to dinner and eventually to a small shop were we could get light snacks. These past few days have been awesome and I am sure there is more to come. Tomarrow we are heading out to our first work day which I am looking forward to. We are all doing well for the most part and having fun.

Adam Macbeth

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