The Sun Shines

Alex diving into the Ocean Hole while Brandon awaits his turn.

Praise the Lord!  The sun came out today and it brought an elevated sense of joy with the class.  Dave and I paddled out with a number of the boys (Nate, Zach;, Drew, Alex and Jordan) to Windermere Island to watch the sunrise around 6:00 a.m.  The sunrise wasn’t much, but it was a great morning to paddle.  After breakfast, Nicholas (Camp staff and our bus driver) took us to three very cool places.  The first was the Ocean Hole, which is truly a wonder of the world.  It is a salt water lake in the middle of the island (near Rock Sound) and is full of fish, turtles and ocean life, but has no bottom.  Evidently, Jacques Cousteau was a resident of Eleuthera and dove to 280+ feet, but did not reach the floor.  They know that it is connected to the ocean (they poured a dye into the hole and it later was visible off shore, but no one knows the connection.  Anyway, there are 15-25 foot ledges around the outside, so you can jump into the water with no fear of hitting bottom… pretty cool!  We had a blast and I got some great video of your fearless seniors.

Maci and Matt strolling through the Banyan Tree.

After the Ocean Hole, we visited the Banyan Tree, which was amazing.  I’ll try to upload a photo very soon.  Lots of Biblical lessons from this one, particularly from John 15 and abiding in Christ.  Following a short visit to the Banyan Tree, we went to North Palmetto Point to eat lunch at Tippy’s Restaurant.  Located right on the beach, you can have a wonderful lunch, then walk right into the water to snorkel at some very cool coral reefs just off-shore.  The pink sands were subtle in the partly cloudy conditions, but visible nonetheless.  A number of students were able to snorkel and see some pretty neat fish and a lobster.  After spending a couple hours at Tippy’s, we ventured back to Camp to enjoy the sun for a little while longer. 

Rachel getting ready to snorkel at Tippy’s. When the sun came out the sand looked light pink!


Before dinner, Sandy went through the Immigration and Customs paperwork with the entire group and reviewed our flight plan for tomorrow.  After dinner, I had a wrap-up devotional (kind’ve) and then we went to finish packing tonight.  As I type this, I believe some people are being thrown into the ocean.  End of week chaos.  Where are my chaperones???  =)

Our flight leaves Rock Sound around 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, so we are loading up the bus and leaving Camp around 6;15 a.m.  We have a longer layover in Nassau, but we have proven that we can handle delays with quality fun and conversation.  I hope to keep you all posted as much as possible for our journey home.  Hopefully, I’ll regain cell phone coverage once we land in Charlotte.

Love you all and thank you so much for your prayers and support!  This has been an amazing week with an amazing class and it wouldn’t have been possible without each of you.  See you tomorrow!

One last time from paradise.  Eric

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